Klug GmbH integrierte Systeme: simulation as sales support

Demo3D Simulationssoftware, Simulations-Software oder Simulation Software

Klug integrierte Systeme uses Demo3D-videos for sales support

The company Klug integrierte Systeme is a leading specialist for complex logistics solutions. The core competency is in project planning of highly automated logistics systems, focusing especially on software and control systems.

Klug also uses project-specific Demo3d videos for customer communication. This way, the planned automation technology and logistics processes can be presented tangibly already during the sales and project planning phase. In contrast to static CAD-drawings and excel spreadsheets, this facilitates comprehension of the proposed concept and emphasizes the competency of the supplier.

The big plus: potential customers understand complex warehouse processes more easily through this realistic depiction. This type of video is also an ideal eye catcher at fairs and exhibitions and is a good conversation starter there.

Demo3D is a solution for the intralogistics industry, its modular kit principle allows very quick creation of virtual 3D models of facilities and their processes. Besides the excellent graphics quality, the software is also characterized by its flexibility and the possibilities for individualization.

More information about Demo3D: www.demo3d.de

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