Lemken GmbH & Co KG: simulation in plant engineering

Agricultural machine manufacturer LEMKEN uses simulation for plant planning

The company LEMKEN is an international manufacturer of agricultural equipment for soil cultivation, sowing and plant protection. The family-owned company employs more than 1,100 people worldwide. With SimPlan’s simulation experts, the planning of a new sandblasting plant is ensured and several layout alternatives can be evaluated.

  • efficient connection of a new sandblasting plant to the existing system and an increase in the total production volume
  • analysis of different layout variants and strategies to ensure an ideal run-out to the weekend and start-up to the start of production after the weekend
  • examination of different strategies for using the loading and unloading station:
    • which products should be loaded or and unloaded at which station?
    • Does inserting buffer locations in front of a station improve is charging performance?
    • Will the quantity increase make an additional charging station necessary?
  • Software used: Plant Simulation
  • use of power & free blocks in plant simulation 10.1
  • intensive use of license-free pack & go models, designed with user-friendly buttons and selection lists
  • determining the best layout alternatives and the expected throughput
  • defining the appropriate number of hitches
  • need for further loading and unloading stations confirmed

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